Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My country is currently under lockdown, and I am not able to go back to the studio for filming. Can I film my entry at home or at any open space?

Yes, the participant can choose to film their entry from their studio, home or any other open space as long as they can do so safely.

Must the participant be in an elaborate costume with make-up?

It is not necessary to be in an elaborate costume or make-up. Participants are judged solely based on dance technique, performance, musicality, movement quality and effectiveness of choreography (for groups).

Are there any fixed variations / choreography to be performed?

There are no fixed variations / choreography for the entries. Participants may submit dance pieces of any variations / choreography by their teachers or themselves.

Is it compulsory for 11 years old & above to be in pointe shoes for ballet?

It is not compulsory for 11 years old & above to be on pointe. Although participants below the age of 11 years old should not be submitting entries on pointe.

Can we re-use a filmed item that we have used for a previous competition?

Yes. Participants may re-use a filmed item that they have used for a previous competition or performance. However, this entry must have been filmed on or after 1st January 2022.

What if the awardee for the scholarship is still unable to travel in 2022/2023 to the respective dance colleges for the scholarship training due to the COVID travel restrictions?

The dance scholarships can be extended to the following year / till when travel restrictions are lifted and is safe to travel.