Large Group Registration Form

Large Group Registration Form (2022)

Category (Please tick categories and state choreographer’s / teacher’s name)
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Participant 2
Participant 3
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Participant 5
Participant 6
Participant 7
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You will be redirected to Large Group Entry page to add entry to Cart for Checkout. Registration will only be confirmed upon successful payment.


  1. All forms to be submitted online via the IYDC website registration page or emailed to REGISTRATION@IYDC.CO (for bulk registrations by schools) by 15 September 2022 closing date.
  2. Fill in the name(s) as to how it should appear on the Certificate(s) and Marksheet(s).
  3. A photo ID of each participant will be required as proof of age during the registration.
  4. Upon submission of this registration form, you will be redirected to the “Large Group Entry 2022” page to add entry to “Cart” for checkout & payment.
  5. Please select the no. of entries for the selected genre on the “Large Group Entry 2022” page. 
  6. A separate registration form is required for each different genre a large group is signing up for. If signing up for more than 1 genre, please repeat the registration form process (no. 2 – 5) via a separate registration form and submit to add to “Cart”. All your entries will be reflected in the “Cart” page.
  7. All payments are to be made online via the IYDC checkout page.
  8. Entries will only be accepted with payment by the respective closing dates. Late entries will only be considered on a first come first serve basis subject to availability.
  9. A confirmation of registration will be emailed to the registering school / independent participant upon receipt of registration form and payment.