Online Registration Instruction:


Please take some time to read through the instructions for registration before submitting your entry(s) via the Registration submission links below:

Entry(s) must be submitted on or before the closing date – 15 September 2022. Late entry(s) will be subjected to surcharges depending on availability.

1. Fill up the respective registration forms from the links below:

2. Fill in the name(s) on the Registration form as how they should appear on the Certificate(s) and Marksheet(s).

3. Submit the Registration Form, Proof of Age Document (photo ID) via the Registration Link. Please keep file sizes small. For Batch Entry from schools, please refer to below for instructions.

4. IMPORTANT: Upon completing the Registration Form, you will be redirected to the “Entry 2022” product page. Depending on the internet connection, the redirecting to the “Entry 2022” product page may not be instant. Please wait for this to load. On the “Entry 2022” product page, you will input the school’s or participant’s name and add the no. of entries for the genre you have selected. Each solo participant is limited to 3 entries per genre i.e. 3 Ballet Solos, 3 Jazz Solos, 3 Contemporary Solos etc.

5. Add this entry to “Cart” and entry will appear on the “Cart” page for checkout & payment.

6. A separate registration form is required for each different genre a participant is signing up for. If you are entering more than one genres, a separate registration form is required. Please repeat registration process no. 1-5. Links can be found on the “Cart” page.

7. Once you have completed registering for all your entries, your entries will appear on the “Cart” page. Click on checkout for payment.

8. Registration is only confirmed upon accurate receipt of form(s) and payment(s).

9. Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to you confirming your registration with a reference number. A cloud link for sharing of video files will also be emailed to you to upload your video submission. All videos must be submitted in .mp4 or .mov format via the upload link by the 15th October 2022. Late submissions will not be accepted.


  • Have Proof of Age Document(s) (photo ID) ready when registering. Keep file size small.
  • Complete Solo / Duo/Trio / Small Group / Large Group Registration Form or Batch Entry Form for schools.

  • Submit form(s) and make payment(s) by 15 September 2022.
  • Video Submission by 15 October 2022.


Bulk Discounts:

  • 5 to 9 Entries – 5% discount on entry fees
  • 10 – 49 Entries – 10% discount on entry fees
  • 50+ Entries – 15% discount on entry fees

Please use the Batch Entry Form if you are entering for 5 or more entries to enjoy the bulk discounts. All medals and certificates can only be mailed to one single address for bulk entries.

Registration Instruction for Batch Entries for Schools:

1. Download and fill up the Batch Entry Form from the link below:

2. Submit completed form and proof of age documents to registration@iydc.co by 15 September 2022. All participants’ proof of age documents should be scanned onto one single PDF document per entry.

3. An invoice and payment method will be emailed to school to complete the registration. All forms and payments must be received by the deadline.

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