2022 IYDC舞蹈照片挑戰賽結果

2022 IYDC舞蹈照片挑戰賽成績


我們收到了許多精美的照片,展示了參賽者的才華和對舞蹈的熱情。 我們很高興地宣布,我們決定將50%的報名費折扣擴展到另外2個參賽作品,使IYDC舞蹈照片挑戰賽的總獲獎者總數達到5個!


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"I love to dance, especially in ballet. I had a great experience in this competition last year and I am very interested in attending the next session. Because with this competition can help me to see many great dancers in the world. I was also very pleased with how kind and helpful all the staff members were in responding to my inquiries. The awards are always fair and everything always goes smoothly!" ~ Tiffany Jocelyn Ong, 10歲, 菲律賓
"I want to take part in IYDC 2022 because dance is my passion & I love dancing especially ballet since 3 years old. Dance competition is the perfect setting to challenge myself keep improving to achieve better results. IYDC also offer scholarship to young dancer and help dancers to live their dreams come true." ~ Izelle Chia, 12歲, 馬來西亞
''希望透過比賽鍛鍊自信和展示自己的才華。'' ~ Yu Tsz Wan, 10歲, 香港
"I am excited to try something new. I only have a little bit of competition experience. So this is a new thing for me to experience." ~ Charley Toscano, 11歲, 美國
"I want to do this competition to gain more experience, and support the competition." ~ Chantelle Tay, 15歲, 澳大利亞